Bag & Shoe Spa

Professional leather care, Handbag & Shoe Cleaning Services

Our service

  • Handbag Cleaning & Restoration
  • Stain Removal, Oil & Dye Extraction
  • Shine Restoration
  • Shoe Cleaning, Restoration, Disinfecting & Deodorizing

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Champions Cleaners - Bag & Shoe Spa?

We specialize in cleaning, repairing and restoring most of the delicate brands of leather. Our bag and Shoe Spa takes care of all your luxury leather belongings.

Is it safe to clean & restore my delicate leather items?

Our proprietary leather care products are from the United States and created from natural and organic ingredients that are safe for most of the delicate leathers, including unfinished leathers and exotics. So once my leather bag or shoe is protected, will there be no any future damage? Once leather is protected, it requires basic cleaning rather than full color restoration, which could be a very lengthy & costly process otherwise.