slate of new green technologies

June, 2017

As a leading and innovative dry cleaning business, Champion Cleaners have always been the first to adopt and invest in the latest innovations in technology and environment, in order to make its processes more efficient, minimise the environmental impact, and meet the needs of consumers demanding eco-friendly products with superior cleaning.

Contrary to widespread belief, dry cleaning is by no means a dry process: clothes are immersed and cleaned using a liquid solvent. Different dry cleaning technologies use different liquid chemical solvents. These chemicals present various and serious health risks to workers and consumers alike, and pollute the environment.

To further its commitment to operating a green business, Champion Cleaners have recently introduced a slate of UAE-wide initiatives as follows:

A. GreenEarth Cleaning, a patented solution that is liquid silicone based (i.e. quartz and sand), clear, odourless and non-toxic to soil, water or air. It is also very gentle on textiles and can be ideal for effectively deep cleaning the most delicate of fabrics and lace, satin, beadwork and sequins.

B. Excello Wet Cleaning Technology, the most advanced and safest professional method of green soft wash available today, powered by Allianz Worldwide, this technology saves big on water, solvent-free and energy saver.

C. i-Genius technology, a chemical free, Ozone cabinet that destroys bacteria, sanitizes and deodorizes quickly and thoroughly, especially suitable for protective equipment that cannot be washed or dry cleaned.

D. Hanger Amnesty, a drop-off and collection service (via Champion delivery drivers) for wire hangers that all clients are sure to welcome.

“We’re very proud of these new improvements and initiatives we’ve rolled out. Our commitment to providing the best and most eco-friendly cleaning services has earned us the loyalty of a discerning and growing clientele, and continues to set us apart,” said Babak Moghaddam, General Manager, Champion Cleaners.

Champion Cleaners has 42 locations conveniently positioned across Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. For more information, please call +971 4 2858581.



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