Bridal dry cleaning solution for newly weds

June, 2017

For brides hoping to save their wedding gowns for the next generation, it is important that the gowns are preserved and professionally cleaned after the wedding festivities. Since gown care goes beyond merely removing unpleasant stains, choosing a reputable and high quality dry cleaning company such as Champion Cleaners is advisable.

Champion Cleaners understand that caring for wedding gowns means preserving memories, not just cleaning the gown itself. Therefore, the company has enforced a detailed and lengthy process across all its branches to ensure that those magical moments stay with the bride and generations to come forever.

Upon receiving a wedding gown at the Champion Cleaners plant, the below unfolds;

1. Fabric Study and Assessment: Every wedding dress varies in fiber content, trim construction and type of stains and these factors determine the cleaning process. Champion Cleaners studies overall construction and look for discoloration, yellowing from age, storage, type of beads, sequins, lace appliqués, accessories, decorative details and imperfections in the fabric. Abrasion marks, snags, loose trims, rips or other damages are also carefully tracked. Their experts also do a close inspection for food and beverage stains, perspiration, grass stains, mud or other heavy inert soils, such as floor, ground or street dirt on the hem.

2. Consultation: Post assessment and identification of best cleaning method, Champion Cleaners’ fabric experts contact the customer to explain each remark and the best possible cleaning and treatment method. Customers are usually asked to provide details like last wedding gown cleaning date if any, storage duration to identify gown age.

3. Initial Spotting: In most cases, Champion Cleaners wants to limit the mechanical action during any type of immersion cleaning to ensure all spots are removed and sensitive bead work or lace are protected prior to full gown cleaning. Therefore, it is important to pre-spot stains and heavy soils. Champion Cleaners’ pre-spotting experts will know the fabric construction and fiber content before using any stain removal agents. Silk, wool, cotton, rayon, linen, nylon, acetate, polyester, etc. all have different fiber properties and react differently to the various stain removal agents and cleaning methods. Also fabric safety is vital, when spotting a wedding gown, the lace or beadwork should is covered with a net bag to minimize any possible damage.

4. Cleaning/treatment: Champion Cleaners use the Green Earth and Allianz water fountain technology to achieve the best cleaning results in the mildest cleaning environments for wedding gowns. Green Earth solvents have a very delicate soft nature and are ideal for cleaning wedding gowns. Heavily soiled wedding gowns with perspiration and stains are cleaned by Allianz Excello wet cleaning technology or sometimes hand washed to ensure minimal mechanical action that may affect the gown fiber.

5. Steaming: Hanged wedding gowns are inspected very carefully before finishing and the trims are checked to make sure all stitching is intact and beads and sequins are tested with light steam to make sure they do not curl or change color. Satin fabrics are pressed on a dry-cleaning hot-head press or hand ironed. A double-faced cotton flannel cover on the buck of the press helps prevent seam impressions. It is best to iron beaded areas that need finishing from the back side of the fabric, using the flannel. Importantly, hemlines of wedding gowns are rolled, not creased. Satin and taffeta fabrics should be pressed on a dry cleaning hot heat press or hand ironed.

6. Restoration: Some wedding gowns run into risk of yellowing and developing brown oxidation spots due to improper storage. However, with Champion Cleaners’ expertise, wedding dresses are restored to the best condition possible with minimum stress to the garment. This usually involves mild chemical whitening of the wedding gown and cleaning of the gown in fresh solvent.

7. Minor alterations: Wedding gowns are finally checked for any last-minute minor alterations requirements such as fixing loose beads, sequins, lace or fixing rip marks, all with customer consent.

8. Boxing and packaging: Wedding gowns are packed in a crisp white Champion Cleaners wedding gown box with a chest guard to safeguard the shape of the gown. Silica gel packets are added to the boxes to control moisture.

Champion Cleaners has 46 locations conveniently positioned across Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Customers can also schedule a convenient pick-up and delivery. For more information, please call +971 4 2858581.



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