Pamper your designer handbags and shoes at Champion Cleaners Bag & Shoe Spa

May, 2017

Most designer handbags and accessories are prone to scuffs, fading and stains from everyday life. Make it essential to ensure that your accessories are revived and restored regularly. Leather protection program will guard all major dyes, helps keep away new stains and enhances the color vibrancy. Protected leather only requires basic cleaning rather than full color restoration which is very lengthy and costly process. Our experts at Champion Cleaners make sure to repair and recondition leather products until they return to their original beauty.

Our highly branded leather care products are best known for their ingredients that are safe for the most delicate leathers, including unfinished leathers and exotic materials.

Champion Cleaners has 46 locations conveniently positioned across Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Customers can also schedule a convenient pick-up and delivery. For more information, please call +971 4 2858581.



With every “like” on Champion Cleaners Facebook page we will donate AED 1 to Dubai Cares. You can also help us give more by asking a Champion Cleaners staff member to add a donation to Dubai Cares to your bill and/or visit one of Champion Cleaners outlets and play Connect the Dots.