Green Earth visit Champion Cleaners

July, 2016

In their mutual efforts to reduce environmental footprint, optimize Green Earth use and address Perc solvent contamination issues, Champion Cleaners and Green Earth worked hand in hand during the month of July 2016 to measure Perc and Green Earth solvents performance. During his visit to Champion Cleaners, Mr. Andy Lien – Technical Operations Manager, Green Earth – was impressed by the precautionary measures taken by Champion Cleaners to reduce its environmental footprint. Mr. Andy further said “Champion Cleaners is one of the best retail dry cleaners in the ME and has a prominent reputation in UAE. All its cleaning procedures follow high international laundry standards”. Mr. Andy further thanked Champion Cleaners for their extensive marketing efforts to help position Green Earth in the UAE and Middle East Market as a safe and mild cleaning alternative.

Green Earth Company started 1998. They are dry cleaners preparing to get out of an industry plagued by the environmental contamination issues of Perc solvent. After seeing the potential for a safe alternative to Perc, They formed the Green Earth Cleaning Company. Andy joined Green Earth in 2013. Currently, he holds the position of Technical operation manager of Green Earth, Andy has more than 13 years of experience in laundry operation field. . In this visit, Andy had installed a green earth machine in Burj Al Arab Hotel.

Champion Cleaners was established in the UAE in 1997. The company’s aim has always been to provide 5 star premium dry cleaning and laundry services to expat and local populations of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. The company also provides many added value services like the alterations Clinique, bag and shoes cleaning & preservation, wedding gown cleaning & preservation, leather cleaning, carpet & upholstery cleaning, permanent garment creasing and soft toy cleaning.



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